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How does it work ?

Because these sneakers are supposed to fit your desires, YSS only covers the designing portion of the process. You should have the choice of whatever shoe you'd like. Shoes should be ordered and shipped to our address with color/style selections. Used shoes can also be drawn on but make sure they are clean before you send them in. 


Can I get them wet? How does the ink stay on?


The shoes are sprayed with special varnish which is supposed to keep them ink on them and make them waterproof. This said, every shoe is different and some shoes withstand weather better than others, see :which shoe should I purchase" for more information



Can you give me more information about the sneakers? How are they priced?


These are custom made for you! Whether you want a black outline or a specific design, YSS will try to accommodate your desires. Pricing depends on design requirements and includes shipping and handling fees. 


Which shoe should I purchase?


Most white (or light) leather shoes will do! However, in the past, the ink has tended to rub off a little bit on Stan Smiths®. Suggests for shoes include: Nike Court Royale®, or NIKE AIR FORCE 1® . But if you have a specific shoe in mind don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries. 



I'm not happy with my shoes/ the ink is starting to fade

In order for you to have an ideal experience ordering our snazzy sneakers, you should be completely happy with them, thats why it is important for you to fill out your order with detailed requests. If the sneakers are not to your liking we will try our best to fix them up before they are shipped out. If things still aren't up to your standards, just send the shoes back and you'll get a refund. 

Although we try to ensure that you've chosen the best possible sneaker to be drawn upon, if you start to see issues with the pair, just send a pic and ship it over and it'll be fixed up, free of charge! 


I see a style I like on the site, can I order that shoe?

Each pair of YSS sneakers are one-of-a-kind. Because of this you can feel confident that no one in the whole world will be rocking the same snazzy pair of shoes as you! This also means that no pair appearing on the website can be duplicated! If you see a style you like, name it when placing your order and try and articulate what specifically you like about it (i.e: the black outline or the swirly shapes). Try and make your order form as detailed as possible as to create the simplest design process.


Which methods of payments can I use?


Yazzy's Snazzy Sneakers accepts credit card and PayPal. Typically, one half of the payment is made once the shoes are received by us and the other half when the shoes are completed and ready to be shipped out. Prices vary based on design requests. 


How long does it take?


Every order depends on the time it takes for your shoes to arrive at our address and the shipping time from there. Besides this, the more elaborate the design, the longer the shoe will take. Since all of Yazzy's Snazzy Sneakers are hand-drawn by Yazzy herself, we cannot promise a specific timing. When you place your order, we'll try to give you an eta. (if you need your sneakers quickly, mention it in the "anything else" section of the order form and we'll do our best!

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